Prices for being a member are as follows -

1 YEAR £4.00     4 YEAR £14.00  

Membership of the society automatically entitles membership of specialist groups

New members joining on or after the Autumn show shall, as a concession, be offered membership to include the remaining period of that year, in addition to the 1 or 4 years obtained.                                                                                                                                              

The objects of the Society are to further horticultural interest by arranging meetings, shows and visits and to provide facilities for the supply of horticultural requisites.  Membership is open to all persons with an interest in gardening irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, age or where they are domiciled.

The Society promotes horticultural interest for the benefit of members in their allotment and gardening activities and takes joint action for the benefit of members through the following -

  • Holding regular meetings including education, lectures and demonstrations
  • The creation of specialist groups
  • Arranging outings, visits and events
  • Holding competitive shows
  • Purchasing seeds, bulbs, plants, fertilisers, tools and other gardening products on behalf of members
  • Collection and circulation of information
  • Partnership working with other organisations having similar objectives
  • Seeking to ensure that our environment is one that respects and includes everyone and that no member, volunteer, employee or contractor receives less favourable treatment


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